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Infino : An VMware Cache Acceleration kit, in a Virtual box

This year at VMworld, I was able to attend the VMworld Tech Field Day Roundtable.

At the VMworld Tech Field Day Roundtable, I thought that Infino offered a great value add to those of us that have more than one hat in our job role. Today I am going to give you an insight to what the product is, how it gives you nearly instant results, and show you can how you see the value.

Infino is VMware acceleration in a box. Setup is as easy as downloading the application, agreeing to the license agreement and walking through the wizard.

  1. Connect to vCenter
  2. Choose Datastore
  3. Verify Accelerator Resources
  4. Setup Infino Management
  5. Install Infinio Accelerator
  • Importing Management VM
  • Configuring IP settings
  • Synchronizing with vCenter
  • Deploying And Configuring Accelerator VMs
  • Install Complete
But wait, what did we just install? What is Infinio? It is a shared Memory Cache. All hosts share a single cache, deduplicated and stored once. 
Here we have it, the dashboard shows your value.

First let’s dig into : Storage boost and Requests Offload.

Storage boost shows you the boot gained, and the number of disks it would take to provide the same boost.

Requests offloaded shows the number of requests that never had to go to disk, and the trend of those requests.

Wait I brought up deuplicated cache, whats does that mean?  This should deduplicated workload’s with VM’s that have like memory set’s.

It shows you the Current, 1.3x Physical memory Cache size deuplication, with a 2x physical Memory 14-day peak.

Let’s not forget Datastore Response Time improved, Requests Offloaded, and Bandwidth Saved.

As you can see in the line graph’s, the product is providing I/O, therefore, lowing the latency, on the array.

My Impression of the product is this:

Infinio is all about providing a product, that you use, easily; without a knowledge expert, or a block of professional services from your var.

Need a use case?

If you are under the gun to provide performance in a environment that is growing, or it has increased demands. The product has the ability to be deployed fast, and without any hassle, and you get to see the results. Why is this important? A lot of IT Admin’s or System Admins have little time, and need to be able to be agile. I know, as I am a Admin in that role.

Thoughts and Comments? I plan on getting more time with Infinio in the future. Expect more to come!

I also wanted to share the Tech Field Day video coverage.

Roger Lund

Tech Field Day 7 — Austin : Day 1 Overview -The Symantec Backup Appliance Overload!


My Thoughts on our Mid Morning visit at Symantec.


My two cents are, these are great for remote sights, and offices. But, I wish we could run these with the same licensing, as below, but within a virtual appliance.


Check out the Tech Field Day video also.


More info.

Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Appliance

Backup Exec 3600 Appliance provides Backup Exec software and optimized hardware integrated into a single affordable backup solution from the industry leader in Backup – Symantec. Easily protect both physical and virtual environments while reducing storage costs and improving backup performance through integrated deduplication. Reduce business downtime with V-Ray technology that recovers data through a single pass backup in second”

Link to appliance

Licenses Included with the Backup Exec 3600 Appliance :

    • •Backup Exec 2010 R3 Server
    • •Agent for Windows Systems (AWS)
    • •Remote Agent for Linux Systems (RALUS)
    • •Remote Agent for Mac Systems (RAMS)
    • •Agent for Microsoft Exchange
    • •Agent for Microsoft Active Directory
    • •Agent for Microsoft SQL
    • •Agent for Microsoft SharePoint
    • •Agent for Oracle (Linux/Windows)
    • •Agent for Lotus Domino
    • •Deduplication Option
    • •Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructures
    • •Agent for Microsoft Hyper-V”


“NetBackup Appliances

Symantec understands the shifting needs of the data center and offers the NetBackup appliances as an additional option for customers to simplify deployment and maintenance of marketing-leading NetBackup and NetBackup deduplication.

The NetBackup appliances are ideal for customers looking for turnkey solutions for their organization. The appliances enable efficient, storage-optimized data protection for the data center, remote office and virtual environments.

Product Families

Symantec’s NetBackup Appliance family consists of two series:

  • NetBackup 5200 series – a single-vendor enterprise backup appliance with deduplication
    • 5200: enterprise backup appliance with 32TB storage
    • 5220: enterprise backup appliance with expandable storage starting at 4TB.
  • NetBackup 5000 series – a scalable deduplication appliance for the enterprise
    • 5000: global deduplication pool scalable from 16TB to 96TB
    • 5020: global deduplication pool scalable from 32TB to 192TB “

Video Demo

Link to appliances





Roger Lund