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How to connect with us at VMworld!

VMworld is only a little over 2 weeks away as of this post!  vBrainstorm will have 3 of our bloggers there and we want to make sure you know how to connect up with us.  All of us are active on Twitter so I will list our Twitter accounts below.  I will be doing some live broadcasts on Periscope so follow me there (rolltidega) to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.  Finally look for us in our customized VMworld 2015 polos that are being provided by some sponsors (blog posts forthcoming).  Our Twitter handles and web site will be on the back of each shirt so if you have never met us do not hesitate to come up and say hello!  We want to meet you!  Thanks and we hope to see you there!

Shawn Cannon – @rolltidega
Roger Lund – @rogerlund
Aaron Gruber – @virtualroads

VMworld 2009, John Troyer & VMworld Ustream Video


John Troyer did a great job on ustream and the VMworld Channel.

There are 25 episodes to date, plus the first two, which are not numbered. I’ll do my best to lay them out.

I kept the order of original upload date.

vmware: VMworld Live 08/31/09 04:46PM
vmware: VMworld Live 08/31/09 05:07PM
vmware: #1 – hello vmworld
vmware: #2 TechExchangeDeveloperDay
vmware: #3 Roundtable vExperts
vmware: #4 – SRM
vmware: #5 VMworldTV and VMware Europe
vmware: #6
vmware: #7 VMUGs, Partners, Labs
vmware: #8 – Day 1 Commentary, vCloud Express, Booth Babes
vmware: #9 Day 1 comments: vCloud APIs, VIew, VMware Go
vmware: #10 Andres Martinez
vmware: #11 vSphere 4.0 Quickstart Guide
vmware: #12 Client Virtualization Platform
vmware: #13 vCloud Express, vCloud API
vmware: #14 vStorage APIs, vCalendar
vmware: #15 vCloud API
vmware: #16 Moving to the cloud & Springsource
vmware: #17 Brian Madden & Gabe Knuth
vmware: #18 PowerCLI
vmware: #19 Cost per Application Calculator
vmware: #20 Scott Lowe
vmware: #21 VMworld, IT in the Cloud perspectives
vmware: #22 SpringSource VP Shaun Connolly
vmware: #23 Virtualization EcoShell
vmware: #24 Hypervisor architecture
vmware: #25 David M Davis



Thanks John for all the work, I hope to see you do interviews like this in the future on a scheduled basis.


Roger L.