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SLI required? vSphere, SNMP and SYSLOG Configuration,Without CLI.

It had to be done, I had to rebuild two of my ESX hosts in a step to trouble shoot a on going problem.
There, I had all my hosts on ESX 4.0, U1. Now, to configure my hosts to point back at Zenoss.
I’ll breeze through the documentation to refresh my memory.

Configure SNMP for ESX/ESXi

ESX/ESXi includes an SNMP agent embedded in hostd that can both send traps and receive polling requests such as GET requests. This agent is referred to as the embedded SNMP agent.
Versions of ESX prior to ESX 4.0 included a Net-SNMP-based agent. You can continue to use this Net-SNMP-based agent in ESX 4.0 with MIBs supplied by your hardware vendor and other third-party management applications. However, to use the VMware MIB files, you must use the embedded SNMP agent.
By default, the embedded SNMP agent is disabled. To enable it, you must configure it using the vSphere CLI command vicfg-snmp. For a complete reference to vicfg-snmp options, see vSphere Command-Line Interface Installation and Reference Guide.
SNMP configuration for ESX/ESXi requires the vSphere CLI. For information on installing and using the vSphere CLI, see vSphere Command-Line Interface Installation and Reference Guide. 

Even the vSphere Basic System Administration guide refers to CLI , page 50-52.

Eh, CLI required? Not in my book, well, not with ESX 4.0 U1, that is.
After some slight googling I found this.

 SNMP SNMP on ESX 4 / vSphere
Syslog Tutorial: ESX 4.0 Syslog Configuration

On to the steps.
1. #nano /etc/syslog.conf
(note) go to the end of file, make sure @ lines up with the above line.
*.debug                          @ipaddress
2. CTRL x, and yes to save.
3. #service syslog restart
4. #esxcfg-firewall –openPort 514,udp,out,”Syslog”
5. #esxcfg-firewall -l
6. #esxcfg-firewall -q
1. #nano /etc/vmware/snmp.xml

added the . , as my blog didn’t like the tags
<.targets.>[email protected]/public<./targets.>

2. CTRL x, and yes to save.
3. #service snmpd restart
4. #esxcfg-firewall -e snmpd
Well, it beats the CLI in my book, but I’ve yet to tackle power shell either. :0)

Now, my question to you is, Should we use CLI? Am I behind the times? Or, Should VMware make these commands public in the Documenation, right next to the CLI method of Configuring SNMP?

Roger L.