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Commvault Announces Groundbreaking Updates to Cleanroom Technology

by Roger Lund

TINTON FALLS, NJ – April 29, 2024 – Today, Commvault has introduced significant innovations to its Commvault® Cloud Cleanroom™ Recovery service, marking a pivotal shift in how cleanroom technology is perceived and utilized across industries.

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Commvault Turns the Concept of Cleanrooms on Its Head: Democratizing the Technology and Giving CISOs / CIOs Confidence They Can Recover When Attacked

A New Era for Data Recovery

Commvault’s latest development reshapes the landscape of data recovery, offering solutions that cater not only to large enterprises but to businesses of all sizes. Through this innovation, Commvault ensures that any organization can swiftly and securely recover their data following a cyberattack, utilizing cloud technology for on-demand cleanroom recovery capabilities. This pivotal update expands access to sophisticated recovery technologies previously available to only the largest corporations.

Transforming Cleanroom Recovery

The essence of traditional cleanroom solutions lies in their ability to provide secure environments for cyber recovery. However, they require extensive resources to maintain multiple environments across various critical systems. Commvault addresses these challenges by simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of these processes. The updated Cleanroom Recovery extends its support to a broader market, including SaaS customers, and is now hosted in the cloud, ensuring a cost-effective solution that organizations only pay for as they use.

A Visionary Approach to Recovery

With the new changes, Commvault redefines the traditional boundaries of recovery environments:

  • The service moves beyond the physical constraints of traditional data centers, enabling recovery in a cloud environment, particularly within Microsoft Azure.
  • It simplifies the complex processes associated with setting up and maintaining a cleanroom by offering a cloud-based solution that is available on-demand.
  • Testing and retesting of cyber recovery plans can now be conducted more frequently and with greater ease, ensuring that companies can maintain readiness against potential cyber threats.

A Comprehensive and Intelligent Solution

Commvault’s Cleanroom Recovery not only simplifies the recovery process but also ensures the operational consistency and security of entire application ecosystems, such as Microsoft Active Directory. The integration with Microsoft Defender automates threat scanning to confirm data cleanliness. Additionally, future integrations are set to enhance the intelligent capabilities of the solution, facilitating even more efficient recovery strategies.

Expert Opinions on Cybersecurity Evolution fresh from the press release.

Highlighting the urgency for these updates, Commvault’s CTO, Brian Brockway, emphasized the dynamic nature of today’s cyber threats, including AI-driven attacks, which necessitate frequent testing of recovery strategies. The capability to guarantee a secure and clean recovery environment has become crucial.

American Pacific Mortgage: “Cleanroom Recovery is a game-changer for Commvault Cloud,” said Michele Buschman, CIO, American Pacific Mortgage. “It enables comprehensive testing, and retesting, on the fly which is something that traditional cleanroom solutions don’t provide. It also is designed to help organizations to rapidly recover from a cyber incident. The level of confidence and security this innovative solution can provide is invaluable.”

Emerson: “Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recovery not only enables organizations to test their recovery plans often, but know that if they’re hit, they can be resilient,” said Zach Kruszewski, Manager CCoE Compute Architecture and Design Team, Emerson Electric. “Having this sense of security is so important in the ransomware era.”

Kelyn Technologies US: “We are genuinely excited about the advent of Cleanroom technology in our services,” said Kevin Cronin, CEO & Co-Founder, Kelyn Technologies US. “This approach allows us to test our recoverability and create a meticulous checklist for system recovery, utilizing a fully segmented Cleanroom to rapidly restore critical infrastructure. It’s our answer to mitigating today’s ransomware threats, providing a secure environment to assess and ensure recoverability.”

HCLTech: “For over 10 years, some of the world’s largest enterprises have trusted HCLTech and Commvault to deliver offerings that help secure, manage, and recover their data across hybrid and multicloud environments,” said Rampal Singh, Head of Hybrid Cloud Services, HCLTech. “The Cleanroom Recovery solution takes innovation to the next level, enabling us to pioneer a simpler, more intelligent, and achievable approach to cyber resilience.”

Hitachi Vantara: “The launch of Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recovery represents a powerful addition to Hitachi Vantara’s robust data resilience offerings, and as a result, our shared goal of delivering true cloud security and resilience to customers has never been more attainable,” said Dan McConnell, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Digital Infrastructure, Hitachi Vantara. “Providing customers with the ability to test their cyber recovery plans in advance, along with having a clean recovery point, fills a critical gap in the marketplace today.”

Kyndryl: “Given the changing Regulatory landscape with focus on new and updated Regulatory Technical Standards coming into effect, Cyber Regulation Readiness is a top priority for C-suite and executive board members – they need to know their organization’s data will be secure, recoverable, and quickly operational following an attack,” said Allen Downs, Vice President, Global Resiliency Domain Leader, Kyndryl. “The mindset is – “Business Operational Risk” and the ability to execute and report on their ability to Recover is critical. This is driving the need for mature capabilities to protect and maintain a verifiable copy of critical Data, and driving the need for new workflow processes including Cleanroom Recovery to detect and verify data is free of infection, both to and from a secure airgap immutable Cyber Vault. Capabilities like Cleanroom Recovery enable us to help deliver on this mandate, giving customers a secure, clean space for testing and recovery that balances cost with risk mitigation – now that is true ‘cyber resilience by design’.”

Industry Endorsements and Future Outlook

The initiative has received accolades from various industry leaders and partners who see Commvault’s innovation as a crucial advancement in cybersecurity practices. These endorsements reflect a shared commitment to providing secure, efficient, and accessible data recovery solutions.

Bridging Innovation with Real-World Application: Commvault at RSA Conference 2024

As we pivot from the Product release around Commvault’s latest advancements in cleanroom technology, it’s clear that the theoretical benefits of these innovations are intensely profound. However, the true test of any technological advancement lies in its real-world application and effectiveness. This brings us to a upcoming event where Commvault will not only showcase but also demonstrate these capabilities live—the RSA Conference 2024.

Commvault Unveils Game-Changing Cleanroom Technology at RSA Conference 2024

This year’s RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco will feature a significant unveiling by Commvault, introducing its latest innovation in cyber recovery with the Commvault® Cloud Cleanroom™ Recovery. This new technology aims to redefine what it means to recover from a cyberattack securely and efficiently.

Event Highlights:

When and Where: May 6-9, 2024, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Attendees can find Commvault at booths #N-5778 & #N-4308 in the North Expo.

Explore Commvault Cleanroom™ Recovery

Interactive Demos: Visit Commvault at booth #N-4308 for an interactive demonstration of the Cleanroom Recovery’s capabilities. Discover firsthand how it can bolster your organization’s cyber resilience.
Meet the Experts: Engage directly with Commvault’s experts to discuss how this technology can be integrated into your cybersecurity strategy.
Sweepstakes: Visit the booth or book a meeting for a chance to win exciting prizes like an Xbox S Series, Meta Quest 2, or iRobot Braava Jet m6. Check the official rules for details.

Special Networking and Learning Opportunities

Kickoff Party: Commvault is part of the Trellix & AWS kickoff celebration at SFMOMA. This event is a fantastic opportunity to network while enjoying live performances by the Cheeseballs.
Date: Monday, May 6, from 7pm to 11pm.
Sign up here

Public Sector Day: Learn about Commvault’s cyber resilience solutions at Carahsoft’s Public Sector Day.
Location: Hilton Union Square
Date and Time: Monday, May 6, from 11am-3pm.
Register here

Reception at Charmaine’s Rooftop Bar & Lounge: Commvault is also sponsoring an evening reception at Charmaine’s on Tuesday, May 7th, offering another excellent opportunity for mingling and learning in a relaxed setting.
Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm.
Reserve your spot here

For more information on what to expect at the RSA Conference and to tailor your visit, check out the full agenda. This event promises to be an insightful gathering for cybersecurity professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and capabilities in cyber recovery.

About Commvault

As a leader in data protection and cyber resilience, Commvault serves over 100,000 organizations worldwide. Its unique platform is known for combining robust data security with rapid recovery capabilities, ensuring comprehensive protection and resilience across various workloads and environments.


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