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Commvault Shift event, the unveiling of the groundbreaking Commvault Cloud

by Roger Lund

In an exhilarating update from the SHIFT virtual event, the unveiling of the groundbreaking Commvault Cloud, infused with Metallic AI prowess, marked a milestone in cyber resilience technology. This pioneering platform is the culmination of Commvault’s entire suite of SaaS and software solutions, now available under one comprehensive ecosystem. Through an intuitive interface, users gain unparalleled visibility and command over their digital assets in one fell swoop.

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Imagine a world where cyber threats morph daily, presenting complex challenges for organizations desperate to safeguard their data and maintain uninterrupted operations. Recent statistics are sobering: ransomware attacks surged by staggering numbers in the early part of the year, The implications? A detrimental impact on financial stability, reputation, and business functionality.

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Commvault’s strategic innovation leapfrogs current IT and security measures by offering an elite cloud platform, exclusively constructed for robust cyber resilience in today’s mixed enterprise landscape. Welcome to the Commvault Cloud era.

Digging Deeper: The Essence of Commvault Cloud This novel creation isn’t merely a platform; it’s a sanctuary for cyber resilience. It’s precision-engineered to empower users to preemptively spot threats, recover pristine data, and slash threat response intervals—all while boasting the lowest total cost of ownership. It’s a veritable fortress that safeguards data across any workload, infrastructure, and geographical expanse.

Commvault Cloud unites data protection, security acumen, and recovery in a symphony of key capabilities:

  • AI-Driven Fortification: Harnessing the prowess of AI, Commvault Cloud safeguards hybrid infrastructures and enriches data understanding. In a smart alliance with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, it arms customers against cyber threats and delivers insightful natural language data summaries. Check out more here
  • Data Security Breakthroughs: The platform’s cleanroom recovery service is an industry trailblazer, offering users a pristine, quarantined environment to restore data untainted by malware. Add to that, fortified encryption, immutable backups, and stringent access controls—it’s a full-circle security upgrade.
  • Strategic Alliances: Commvault Cloud thrives on powerful partnerships spanning cloud service giants, leading AI innovators, and security specialists. The platform is agile, spanning major public clouds and securing ties with cybersecurity leaders like Microsoft and Palo Alto Networks, ensuring a vigilant, responsive shield against threats. See all the Integrations with supported technologies
  • Custom Bundles: Catering to diverse needs, Commvault Cloud rolls out Bronze Protection, Silver Recovery, Gold Intelligence, and the comprehensive Platinum Resilience—each bundle a carefully curated selection of features designed for every scale and scope. More info here

Why Embrace Commvault Cloud? Commvault Cloud isn’t just another entry in the cloud arena; it’s a revolution in hybrid enterprise solutions. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Empowered Cyber Resilience: Beyond just defensive barriers, Commvault Cloud embodies a proactive, comprehensive stance on cyber resilience, ensuring businesses not only withstand but thrive against cyber adversities.
  • Simplicity and Economy: The multi-faceted management of data security becomes effortless, as Commvault Cloud distills complex needs into a single, streamlined solution, slashing costs and reducing overhead.
  • Data Insight and Innovation: With AI at its core, Commvault Cloud isn’t just about defense—it’s about leveraging data for strategic insights, fostering informed decisions, and driving innovation.

Getting Started with Commvault Cloud Ready to elevate your cyber resilience? Commvault Cloud is primed for deployment. Choose from the pre-designed bundles or tailor a solution that aligns with your unique requirements. Explore the advantages with a no-strings-attached trial offer and experience the transformative capabilities of Commvault Cloud firsthand. Or Check out a demo today.

For an in-depth journey into Commvault Cloud’s potential, visit the official website or relive the SHIFT event insights. Discover testimonies from industry veterans and customers on how Commvault Cloud is redefining their approach to cyber resilience.

Commvault is on a mission: redefining cyber resilience in a landscape riddled with AI challenges and ransomware threats. Dive into the future of cybersecurity with Commvault Cloud. Interested in more details or the trial? Don’t hesitate to reach out and ignite your pathway to cutting-edge cyber defense.


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