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Backing Up your ESX Service Console

by Roger Lund

Leo’s Ramblings’s has a article on Backing Up your ESX Service Console

I will add this to my future to try scripts.

Look, despite being told about a dozen million times, there’s still plenty of CFOs/IT Managers out there who have a “backup everything” policy, despite the fact that it’s easier to rebuild ESX than to build and recover, especially if you have a repeatable PXE-boot solution.

However, the amount of times I’ve been out on site to see SMB/CIFS mounts fo Windows shares on the console, along with really shocking scripts to back up important files… is well, simply astounding.

So I’m going to give you my solution, that uses NO passwords exposed in clear-text (SMB/CIFS mounts), uses no extra ESX components other than what’s already there (so your support is not void), and does not require installation of backup agents on your ESX console.

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