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Initial Configuration of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.1.1

So now that the Virtualization Manager appliance is installed and powered on we need to configure it.  The vBrainstorm lab has DHCP enabled but we are using static IP addresses so we need to change the appliance to use a static IP.  To do this, just right-click on the […]

Installing SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.1.1 in a vSphere 5.x environment

Today I am installing SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.1.1 in our lab here at vBrainstorm.  If you are not sure what Virtualization Manager is, here is a quick blurb from the Solarwinds website:
Virtualization Manager
Comprehensive Virtualization Management for VMware ® & Hyper-V ® – From VM to Storage

Real-time dashboards simplify identification & […]

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See the data, not just the storage with DataGravity

DataGravity @DataGravityInc has revealed what the announced secret gravity sauce is all about. Be sure to check out the press release ” DataGravity Unveils Industry’s First Data-Aware Storage Platform”

“NASHUA, N.H., August 19, 2014 – DataGravity today announced the launch of the DataGravity Discovery Series, the first ever data-aware storage […]

Tintri releases Tentri OS 3.0, Tintri Global Center 1.1 and Tintri Automation Toolkit

Tintri has announced the release of Tentri OS 3.0, Tintri Glocal Center 1.1 and Tintri Automation Toolkit.  A copy of the press release is shown below.

Tintri Introduces New Generation of Smart Storage with Multi-hypervisor Support and Industry’s First VM-level Automation Capabilities


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Login VSI 4.1 Released

Login VSI 4.1 was released today. Login VSI is used to load test virtualized desktop environments such as VMware Horizon View, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and Microsoft RDS. Testing such as benchmarking, capacity planning, load/stress testing and change impact prediction are all parts of Login VSI. Check out the […]

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Re Post : Veeam Best Practices for VMware on Nutanix

Derek Seaman has a nice write up on Veeam Best Practices for VMware on Nutanix

I’m a fan of Veeam, and use in production today. Thus, I wanted to share the write up.

“The goal of the joint whitepaper between Veeam and Nutanix is to help customers deploy Veeam Backup […]

New Look – Stage 1

Today We moved our Theme to the Avada Theme. This is a first step, in a new design; taking advantage of WordPress. We plan on making more adjustments to this soon.


I will be posting some smaller posts to see how the Theme works soon.


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vBrainstorm and vExpert 2014

The new class of vExperts have been announced today by VMware.  I am happy to announce that Roger Lund and myself were once again selected as vExperts.  This is a huge honor and humbling to know that our peers in the field believe we represent VMware and virtualization n […]

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Welcome to the new vBrainstorm

You may have noticed some changes here at vBrainstorm. We have changed hosts and platforms with plans to bring you a better experience. The changes are not complete as the theme may change but the content will continue to be what you expect from us. We are excited and […]

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Solid Performance, with a Solid Name: Welcome to Solidfire.

I had the chance to meet with the CEO and Founder of SolidFire Dave Wright while at VMworld this year. Who is SolidFire? Well, I will overview that and share a interview I had with Dave shortly.Solid fire is a all-SSD Architecture platform, that scales and uses raid-less data […]

EMC Elect 2014 Judge

I am proud to announce on vBrainstorm.com  and vTech411.com that I was selected to be one of the judges that will choose the 2014 EMC Elect!  I was selected as EMC Elect 2013 which was the inaugural year of the program.  Some of you may be asking what the […]

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Clearing the ARP cache table in ESXi 5.5

A new feature has been added in the new 5.5 release of ESXi.  You can now clear the ARP cache on an ESXi server.  This is a very useful feature that should have always been part of ESXi.  This feature ONLY works with ESXi 5.5.  The KB article contents […]

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Dell PowerEdge VRTX : Dell’s Introduction into the future of Compute?

I had the pleasure of Attending Dell Enterprise forum this year. If you have not noticed Dell is growing and increasing it’s server market. “In the past three years, Dell has managed to grow its servers and networking sales from $7.6 billion to $9.3 billion” Source http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/dell-inc-dell-cisco-systems-inc-csco-are-growing-in-the-declining-global-server-market-168461/Further stepping into […]

Dell Storage Forum 2012 : day 2

Dell announced today a flood of new storage products.Below is the press release. More to come on the below technology’s.”Dell Storage Forum, BOSTON, June 12, 2012 – At Dell Storage Forum, Dell today announced new solutions that continue to advance its Fluid Data architecture to help customers efficiently […]

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Dell Storage Forums 2012 : day one

Today Dell has released a array of new storage products.I have a attached the press release, along with a few photos. You’ll see more to come as content comes out.”BOSTON, June 11, 2012 – At its second annual U.S. Dell Storage Forum customer and partner event, Dell today announced […]

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Pure Storage, Pure Performance.

  While at Tech Field Day – Virtualization Field Day, I had a chance to sit through a Presentation by Pure Storage. Below are my thoughts. Pure Storage is all about giving you and your VMware Server or View environment SSD performance, at a reduced cost. Check […]

Tech Field Day 7 — Austin : Roger Lund Day 1 Overview at Dell


We started off the afternoon at Dell, Talking about the Dell Acquisitions and Solutions, then diving into Scalable Storage Systems, and then Equallogic.

Below is my overview.


Some existing information on Dell Acquisitions.





More information on the Dell Scalable File System. Including Dell PowerVault NX3500 Unified Storage Platform, and Dell EqualLogic FS7500 […]

Tech Field Day 7 — Austin : Day 1 Overview -The Symantec Backup Appliance Overload!


My Thoughts on our Mid Morning visit at Symantec.


My two cents are, these are great for remote sights, and offices. But, I wish we could run these with the same licensing, as below, but within a virtual appliance.


Check out the Tech Field Day video also.


More info.

“Symantec Backup Exec 3600 […]

Tech Field Day 7 — Austin : Day 1 Our first stop at SolarWinds


Below I overview the first stop at Austin on Tech Field Day 7.


Check out the Tech Field Day video also.


SolarWinds presents at Tech Field Day 7 from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.


More information on SolarWinds http://www.solarwinds.com/products/virtualization-management.aspx

A couple of of products discussed.


“SolarWinds Virtualization Manager takes you from the early stages of […]

Dell Storage Forum 2011– Dell DX Object Based Storage Lab Setup

  Earlier on my other blog http://itblog.rogerlund.net , I posted a blog post on Dell DX object based storage, with regards to the hands on labs at Dell Storage Forum 2011. Here is the video , if you missed it..       Well, I wanted to show […]

You Tube Channel!

I have created, or rather, decide to use my you tube channel. Please ignore the dance video… I was put up to it…… @edsai You’ll see a collection of all the video’s related to both blogs, and user groups there in the future.Check it out!You Tube ChannelThanks!Roger Lund

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Dell Storage forum 2011 – Dell Equallogic Hands on lab Design Overview.

I had a chance to get a moment with Will Urban Twitter Linkedin to go over the Dell Equallogic hands on lab at Dell Storage Forum.Thanks again Will!I would love to get Will’s feedback on the take away’s from building a lab like this.Roger L

Dell Storage forum 2011 – Commvault Design Overview.

I had a chance at Dell Storage forum 2011 to sit down with Commvault and talk through a design overview on Simpana 9 . I wouldn’t call it a deep drive, but it was good overview, and involved white boarding.More info below, Taken from http://www.commvault.com/simpana.html#t-3 Corporate […]

Resign your Virtual Network, with Cisco 1000V and VSG

Not long ago, I wrote on designing a VMware Environment for a lab. See A Secure budget VMware LAB Environment – Step one – Design Well, today I am going to show glimpse of another method of using your existing VMware […]

VMworld 2011, Call for Papers, you tell me what you want to see.

I will be attending VMworld 2011 this year, and I am considering submitting a paper, so I can speak. But, I want you to tell me what you want to see. Then what? I’ll write up a blog with top requests, and we can vote. I’ll set a date […]

A Secure budget VMware LAB Environment – Step one – Design

I recently was challenged with designing a VMware Environment for a team within a existing network.I had some requirements.I needed to keep the cost low, meaning I could propose some license costs, but I had to use existing backed storage and server’s with a little ram.I had ten users […]

vBusy – tools on my mind.

I’ve been extremely busy with the holiday’s and my new job. one of the things on my mind are along the following lines.Tools, tools and tools. What does one need for VMware Monitoring tools? What tools are needed to cover all aspects of your virtual environment from Test / […]

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New Job, time to compel with Compellent at Array Services Group.

Tomorrow is my last day at my current employer. I start a new roll at Array Services Group which is local here in the St. Cloud area. This is going to be a great opportunity for me, as they are a Compellent shop, as well as other […]

Inspired by VMworld 2010 Europe – 2011 : the year of the vConference?

VMworld 2010 Europe has fired off this week. I find my self, not attending again for this event.And without John Troyer giving me a blogging pass in to VMworld 2010  , I would not have made attendance either. Thanks again John, and VMware!However, I find my self wondering, at what point […]

View Brainstorm – Looking for Current VMware View Customer’s , first eighteen questions

Earlier I had posted about view 4.5 design considerations, I had a couple of replies, so I thought I would widen the quarry.I want to hear from people running VMware View. I have a ton of questions, but here is the first eighteen I could think of.Below is my brainstorm off […]

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The evolution of the LAB, is it upon us?

This year, like years in the past LAB’s where in huge demand at VMworld. VMworld Labs, the aftermath has the numbers.” * Lab Cloud served up 30 lab topics. In 2009 we had 21 lab topics to select from. We had 480 lab seats, with 44 […]

Poll – what do you use in your Virtual environment?

 Do you use the following in your Virtual Infrastructure: Reporting / Monitoring […]

Random Thoughts

You’ll see me post random thoughts, hopefully they make some sense.Random work thoughts.Explore Virtual monitoring, reporting, optimization, charge back ( not a provider ).Random vbrainstorm thoughts.See above , steps to research, evaluate, discuss and explore the above.Need to reach out to fellow twitter contacts and blogger’s to build content […]

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Thinking Virtual , moving from 2010 to 2011.

It is 2010, almost 2011. This year at VMworld the message was as much or more cloud that it was in 09. But I often find my self, am I thinking virtual?Let’s back up, what is it to think virtual, by looking at the term as it is defined.”The […]

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VMware View 4.5 design considerations.

I am thinking about a possible VMware View 4.5 design consideration.As some of you may know, we run a NetApp 3140, and a shelf 14 FC drives on each filer. One filer has 14 drives of Sata.How are those of you running view now meeting your I/O Requirements? How did […]

Welcome to vBrainstorm

Hello all, I am dedicating this site to both Creative thinking, and thoughts, of technology, as well as direct brain storming with a virtualization focus. I want your your idea’s as well as my crazy ones.Thanks!Roger L.

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