Using PowerPath for Cluster Disk Migrations

Dell EMC PowerPath is a fantastic tool for migrations (as long as you run Dell EMC storage products). The PowerPath tool is a monitoring and path management suite that includes migration capabilities. The cool thing is the migration capabilities also extend to Microsoft Failover Clusters. Recently, I was trying to retire all of our remaining […]

Is robotic process automation the perfect addition to your software portfolio?

Last month, I had the chance to attend UIPath Together in Washington, DC. UIPath is a company that makes robotic process automation (RPA) software – a software that uses defined task routines to complete repetitive tasks.  Like any other automation, you define the steps required to complete a task and combine that with variables that […]

Hewlett Packard Enterprise bets the lot on ‘as a Service’

In a somewhat surprise move, HPE announced that it is going to make its entire portfolio available in a consumption-based procurement model in the next 3 years. Every product, every category. While the company will continue to offer traditional capital procurement, the shift to subscription is big news for the company. HPE has been on […]

HPE Primera is company’s new mission critical data array built for simplicity

This week at HPE Discover in Las Vegas, HPE announced a new storage platform, HPE Primera, built on the technologies of both its Nimble and 3PAR storage lines. The new platform is targeted for mission critical workloads and offers a 100% uptime guarantee for customers. The new array draws a lot of from the 3PAR […]

HP/HPE Physical to VMware conversion for Windows 2008 R2 blue screens

Recently, I was converting an HP/HPE Windows 2008 R2 physical server into VMware (yes, P2V still happens), when I hit a blue screen on boot.  Turned out I was getting an Inaccessible Boot Volume stop error – a partial screenshot is below. Problem was, the blue screen went by so quickly that I had a […]

Introduction to Cisco Intersight and what cloud system management offers

Last year, Cisco released a new cloud-based system management software named Intersight.  In the same vein as CIMC Supervisor, Intersight allows individual hosts to be registered into a central portal where they can be managed.  Currently licensed as a base, free level and an paid, essentials level, Intersight gives basic system management for your systems.  […]

NVMe and Storage Spaces Direct are a match made in SQL heaven

SQL Server is ready to take a ride directly on Microsoft’s Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), its own software defined storage (SDS) platform.  It is not new news – Microsoft has been talking about SQL on S2D since 2015 – but changes in the NVMe product offerings are changing the possibilities of very high performance from […]

Investigating and setting syslog settings for ESXi with #PowerCLI

Persistent logs in ESXi are useful in all troubleshooting situations.  Earlier this week, I posted about vRealize Log Insight and as part of the quick-start of that product, it can set remote syslog settings on an ESXi host.  What should you do if you want to set your own settings – to a third party […]