Hewlett Packard Enterprise bets the lot on ‘as a Service’

In a somewhat surprise move, HPE announced that it is going to make its entire portfolio available in a consumption-based procurement model in the next 3 years. Every product, every category. While the company will continue to offer traditional capital procurement, the shift to subscription is big news for the company. HPE has been on […]

Introduction to Cisco Intersight and what cloud system management offers

Last year, Cisco released a new cloud-based system management software named Intersight.  In the same vein as CIMC Supervisor, Intersight allows individual hosts to be registered into a central portal where they can be managed.  Currently licensed as a base, free level and an paid, essentials level, Intersight gives basic system management for your systems.  […]

HPE’s strategy for hybrid-IT is simple, cloud-like operation on-prem and in new architectures

I have had a long relationship with Hewlett Packard and now Hewlett Packard Enterprise.  Today, I sat in a strategy session with Paul Miller and Mark Linesch.  It is an interesting time as these two guys have transitioned into marketing roles for the whole of HPE – reacting to the transition of IT purchasing away […]

HPE shows off Composable Cloud, networking based on Plexxi acquisition

Composable Cloud is the next step in HPE’s vision of the future in hybrid IT – enabling on-premises IT to operate like cloud and manage cloud consumption across multiple clouds.  The major news during the conference is Composable Fabric – the new branding of Plexxi within the HPE portfolio.  Composable Fabric was the missing piece that allows […]

3PAR gets InfoSight and HPE InfoSight gets an upgrade

HPE has announced support for 3PAR storage with its HPE InfoSight cloud analytics product, acquired with Nimble, along with new updates to InfoSight focused on proactive recommendations.  Even before the conference officially begins, HPE is releasing announcements that customers can dig into more during the Discover event in Madrid this week. As promised earlier, the […]

With Project New Stack, HPE seeks to stitch together on-prem and multiple clouds

One of the most interesting announcements this week at HPE Discover was a project called New Stack.  The project is a technology preview that HPE is ramping up with beta customers later this year, but the intentions of the project are to integrate the capabilities of all the “citizens” it manages to provide IT with […]

Data proximity is driving analytics to the cloud

Unique, new types of datasets are forcing companies to investigate cloud-powered analytics to tap into data that can steer a company’s direction and its decision making.   These datasets have challenging characteristics that require moving the analytics platform and not the data that should be mined. A few months ago, I was part of a […]

Teradata brings new analytics capabilities to Amazon Web Services

Teradata has announced that it is bringing its Teradata Database data warehousing and analytics platform to the public cloud on Amazon Web Services.  The move is a direct reaction to customer requests to bring the analytics platform to the cloud of their choice and provides customers with the option to adopt Teradata’s analytics services in […]

An Enterprise Solution For Employee File Sharing

This is a guest post by Sean Flaherty. Sean is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics on information systems, technology, and personal computing. File sharing and digital data storage have become increasingly relevant topics for businesses and online companies everywhere, and it’s easy to understand why. Of course, the ability to store, […]

Virtual Storage Appliances may fundamentally change virtualization landscape

One of the biggest hurdles for virtualization adoption in the small business area has been the need for expensive, shared storage.  The Virtual Storage Appliance is looking to change that.  By utilizing the relatively cheap, attached storage in host systems and pooling those into a storage array, vendors are looking to extend the goodness of […]