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DH2i Closes 2021 As Another Year of Record Sales Growth, Product Innovation, and Strategic Partnership Development

by Phil Marsden

DH2i Closes 2021 As Another Year of Record Sales Growth, Product Innovation, and Strategic Partnership Development

Strengthened Foothold Across Key Verticals and Transitioned to 100% Software as a Subscription Model

DH2i today announced that 2021 marked another year of record growth, with a 44% percent sales growth year-over-year, across both its DxEnterprise multi-platform smart availability software and DxOdyssey software defined perimeter (SDP) security software solutions.
“2021 was a transformative year for DH2i,” said Don Boxley, CEO and Co-Founder of DH2i. “In addition to our enviable sales growth, DH2i strengthened its foothold across key verticals, such as financial services – making strong gains in the multinational investment banking segment – as well as technology, healthcare, and media.” He continued, “We also continued to build-out a market leadership product feature set, transitioned to a 100% software as a subscription model, and strengthened and entered into new highly strategic channel and technology partnerships.”
DH2i’s 2021 Milestones:
Product Innovation
–      DH2i Launched Free DxEnterprise & DxOdyssey Developer Editions – Database, System, and Network Administrators now able to ensure instance level workload and SQL Server Availability group high availability (HA) and build secure zero trust connections between on-premises, remote, edge, IoT, and cloud environments — without a VPN.
–      DH2i Launched DxEnterprise (DxE) Smart Availability Software for Containers – Enables cloud-native Microsoft SQL Server container Availability Groups (AGs) in Kubernetes (K8s).
–      DH2i Launched DxEnterprise v20 Improving Microsoft SQL Server High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Performance – Improves the performance and resilience of transaction processing workloads found in financial services, as well as other sectors, running on top of Microsoft® SQL Server.
New Customers
–      Docler Holding Selected DH2i’s DxEnterprise To Help Maintain Operations Uptime and Minimize Business Disruption Across Multinational Conglomerate – ICT, media and entertainment leader deployed DxEnterprise software and is now achieving near-zero planned and unplanned downtime for its SQL Server on Linux cluster.
Strategic Channel Partnerships and Global Expansion
–      DH2i and Nubelity Entered into Strategic Channel Agreement — Expanding DH2i’s Latin America Footprint – Announced First Joint Customer, a premier Latin American Digital Bank.
Market Education and Thought Leadership
–      Microsoft’s Amit Khandelwal and DH2i’s Connor Cox Presented “How to Deploy Highly Available AGs Across Containers in Azure” at PASS Data Community Summit 2021 – Webinar explained how to improve performance, scalability, and portability of IT environments with highly available SQL Server Availability Groups (AGs) that span containers in Azure.
–      Pythian and DH2i Presented Live Webinar, “Highly Available SQL Server AGs in Google Kubernetes Engine” – Webinar explained how to set up and configure highly available SQL Server Availability Groups (AGs) between containers in Google Cloud Platform.
–      Microsoft’s Amit Khandelwal Joined DH2i’s Connor Cox to Discuss, “How to Achieve Peak Availability for Containerized SQL Server in Kubernetes” – Webinar explained how to create hybrid AG clusters across SQL Server containers, achieve near-zero RTO, and avoid SQL Server HA/DR configuration and networking challenges.
–      DH2i Joined Microsoft Azure Webinar to Discuss “How to Unlock Free SQL Server Licenses and Hybrid DR with DH2i” – Webinar explained how to use DxEnterprise, SDP-enhanced clustering software, to take advantage of free replica benefits while unlocking easy hybrid cloud, advanced fault detection/auto-failover, and superior performance.
–      Microsoft and DH2i Presented, “Paving the Way to SQL Server HA on Linux in Azure” – Webinar explained how to achieve peak high availability with unmatched management simplicity, infrastructure and platform flexibility, and advanced fault detection with automated failover for nearest-to-zero downtime.
These and additional DH2i webinars are archived and available on-demand here: https://dh2i.com/webinars/.
Market Intelligence
–      DH2i Pre-Pandemic State of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Survey Revealed Inadequate Security Number One VPN Pain Point – Premier Virtual Private Network (VPN) survey of IT professionals across small-, mid-, and enterprise-sized organizations revealed almost 40% of respondents believed their network had already been breached by bad actor(s).
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