Using PowerPath for Cluster Disk Migrations

Dell EMC PowerPath is a fantastic tool for migrations (as long as you run Dell EMC storage products). The PowerPath tool is a monitoring and path management suite that includes migration capabilities. The cool thing is the migration capabilities also extend to Microsoft Failover Clusters. Recently, I was trying to retire all of our remaining […]

Is robotic process automation the perfect addition to your software portfolio?

Last month, I had the chance to attend UIPath Together in Washington, DC. UIPath is a company that makes robotic process automation (RPA) software – a software that uses defined task routines to complete repetitive tasks.  Like any other automation, you define the steps required to complete a task and combine that with variables that […]

5 Quick PowerShell Tricks To Help You Out

For 2018, I’m hoping to do a weekly PowerShell related post based on some of my experiences.  I have found that a lot of my infrastructure-focused peers don’t have a great programming background and my hope is that these posts can help folks feel more comfortable conquering their work in PowerShell and save a lot […]

HPE introduces Verity framework & SaaS Information Archive

HPE is taking on information archiving in a new cloud play, introducing the Verity Information Archiving solution.  Verity is intended to be a single source of all your information archives and allow for easy access into data repositories in the enterprise. With built-in connectors for many enterprise applications like Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business, […]

Simple iLO Firmware updates with PowerShell

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise iLO PowerShell cmdlets make it extremely easy to update iLO Firmware in mass.    The Update-HPiLOFirmware cmdlet is an extremely handy for updating firmware across many systems.  I particularly like this method because it fast, which isn’t always the case when trying to script upgrades.  The syntax of the cmdlet is easy […]

ProLiant Gen8 servers show up disabled after HP OneView upgrade to 1.20.05

I recently upgraded our HP OneView deployment to 1.20.05.  Following the upgrade, several rack-mount ProLiant systems showed up in the console as disabled.  The strange thing is that the dashboard still showed active CPU, Power and Temperature stats on the Overview, so I knew the system was still communicating with OneView. Having seen this before […]

Configuring system-wide proxy for .NET web applications, including SharePoint

Several years ago, I wrote about setting proxy settings to enable the SharePoint App Store to work when running behind a web proxy and about resolving it when running HTTPS/SSL. Today, I want to revisit that solution since we found problems with it in the enterprise setting.  The solution I found originally was to configure web.config […]

Upgrading the HP OneView appliance with new releases

HP announced the OneView 2.0 will be shipping soon during its HP Discover in June.  In the meantime, they’ve released version 1.20.05 which addresses several security vunleratilities, including Poodle over TLS, and a bunch of other bugfixes.  The release notes for 1.20.05 provide the full details, along with the previous 1.20 releases and their changes. […]

Power disguised as command line – 10 reasons SysAdmins should learn PowerShell scripting

I’m a big proponent of learning PowerShell as an administrator, engineer or any other practitioner role. And I think you should learn it.  It is the path to the future. The pipeline.  I’ve written a blog post in my head many times about the PowerShell pipeline.  I think it is the single feature that makes […]

HP offers a show-and-tell of OneView 2.0 features, release date unannounced

Back in June, HP announced that OneView 2.0 would be coming soon.  There is not an exact ship date for the product, but HP did share the major new features of the new version.  From the list of features, some of the highlights are the introduction of templates to server profiles, enhanced firmware and device […]