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DobiMigrate Now Fully Integrated with New Dell EMC PowerStore for Migration off Legacy Systems 

by Philip Sellers

News Release

Dell Technologies announced Dell EMC PowerStore to the market back in May. The headlines ranged from ‘breaks ground in storage infrastructure’, ‘PowerStore is untouchable’ through to ‘Dell simplifies mid-range storage portfolio.’ It made a strong impression.

PowerStore is a revolutionary infrastructure platform built from the ground up with Dell’s superior technology.  Up to seven times faster and three times more responsive than previous Dell midrange storage arrays, PowerStore is built to handle any workload, traditional or modern, without compromising efficiency or performance. It’s also the only purpose-built storage array that includes a built-in VMware ESXi Hypervisor,  allowing administrators to deploy applications directly on the array for greater flexibility. This capability is ideal for data-intensive workloads in core or edge locations and infrastructure applications.

Whenever any new storage array is launched by Dell the market gets excited, but once the dust settles and users start to discuss the practicalities of using this new solution, migration becomes a key priority. Today, Datadobi is excited to announce that their industry-leading DobiMigrate software is fully tested and compatible with Dell EMC PowerStore. It will enable users from non-Dell EMC arrays to migrate their data to PowerStore technology and enjoy a more efficient platform with far less risk and a better return on investment.

DobiMigrate is used in the world’s largest and most complex migration projects. It is ideally suited to mid-market organizations adopting PowerStore to optimize their storage strategy across today’s varied and complex use cases. Datadobi has a long-standing and successful history with the Dell team, and the launch of PowerStore will enable organizations to modernize their infrastructure to meet demanding storage requirements.

At the end of the day, Datadobi customers migrating data to PowerStore can have peace of mind and confidence that DobiMigrate can help quickly and effectively roll out this ground-breaking new platform.

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