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Book Review: VMware vSphere Resource Management Essentials

by Philip Sellers

VMware vSphere Resource Management Essentials is a great resource for users getting started with vSphere and trying to understand the principles of resource management in shared computing environments. Virtualization on vSphere introduces lots of concepts for a newcomer and this book does a great job explaining those concepts, required licensing and specific vSphere features. It is a must read for beginners, small deployment administrators and admins with growing deployments of vSphere.

The book is a relatively short read at just over 100 pages and 4 chapters long.  The chapters are logically arranged and step you through vSphere installation and configuration.  The first chapter focuses on requirements and installation.  The second and third chapters focus on the resource management features and the more advanced features respectively and the final chapter focuses on monitoring and management of resources.

Clearly focused on covering the basics, the book is focused towards new or beginner admins just breaking into vSphere.  It is an easy read and experienced admins can learn a thing or two that we may have forgotten or overlooked in the past.  I personally bookmarked a couple items related to licensing levels required for specific vSphere features and the book prompted me to go back and re-evaluate some of the ways I assign resource pools in my virtual infrastructure.

VMware vSphere Resource Management Essentials is written by Jonathan Frappier (@jfrappier) and published by Packt Publishing. It is available directly from Packt Publishing, from Amazon, and in lots of books stores worldwide.

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