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Common Fault issues in VMware Infrastructure

by Roger Lund

http://www.vmwarewolf.com posted a article titled Common Fault issues in VMware Infrastructure ( http://www.vmwarewolf.com/common-fault-issues-in-vmware-infrastructure/)

Continuing my Resolution Path series, here is another download for you all, this time in the Fault area of VI3. Download the zipfile here and keep it handy for the next time you run into any fault related issues.

What is a “fault” problem? Good question. It’s more of an internal term used at VMware for how they align their support teams. Fault cases include such things as Purple Screens of Death (PSOD), Linux faults on the console OS, Hung ESX Servers, and internal errors and panics.

Again, down the left column in yellow are common problems we get calls on. To the right of each problem are steps one would take to resolve the problem. I have included hyperlinks to help get you to the answers fast.

Worth downloading, and having around.

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