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Create thin Disk from RCLI, ESXi U3

by Roger Lund

So, I want to make a new VM, for the Netapp Simulator I want to test, which will be Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop.

For this, I have a ESXi server setup in my office’s lab ( under my work desk ) and I created a standard New VM, but I checked the edit this VM after creation ( my own words ) , and deleted the virtual disk.

Now, the challenge, creating a thin disk via RCLI.

C:Program Files (x86)VMwareVMware VI Remote CLIbin>vifs.pl –server ipdaddress –dir ‘[datastore1] /]’

and I get a

sharepoint services 3.0 test/

Which is correct.

Next I try the standard command I use when in the unsupported console to make a thin disk.

I want to create my disk in the UbuntuDesktopNetappOntapSim/ folder.

C:Program Files (x86)VMwareVMware VI Remote CLIbin>vmkfstools.pl –server ipaddress -c 50G -d thin /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/UbuntuDesktopNetappOntapSim/

Now if I edit the VM, and browse to the datastore, I can pick thinkdisk.vmdk.

To me this was a successful operation, we will see if VMware plans on keeping this functionality in the future.

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