ExPrep – Script to Automate Exchange 2007 Pre-Requisite Installation

http://vinf.net has a blog post about scripting exchange setup, titled : ExPrep – Script to Automate Exchange 2007 Pre-Requisite Installation


If you have ever had to install Exchange 2007 on a Windows 2008 (and 2003) server you will know that there are a number of pre-requisites that need to be installed from the OS for each role; for example IIS web services and metabase compatibility components.

You have two choices, do this via the UI using the add/remove features and roles Wizard in Server Manager or using the ServerManagerCmd.EXE command line utility – either way it’s pretty tedious to do if you have several servers to install.

Based on this handy reference from Microsoft I have built a very basic batch file that automates the installation of the pre-req components for you.

It only works on Windows 2008 (sorry no 2003 equivalent) and you use it entirely at your own risk – there are much cleverer ways of scripting this but I’m a pretty old skool DOS person, this works for me and is easy for me to maintain – feel free to re-write in something more modern and post it back here this code is probably quite hacky.


I thought this could be very helpful for those of you looking to migrate, or do some testing. See the full blog post for the code.


Source Post http://vinf.net/2009/05/13/exprep-script-to-automate-exchange-2007-pre-requisite-installation/

Written by Roger Lund

VMware and Storage crazy man, vExpert, MN VMUG leader