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Fave Products: Anker’s PowerCore Fusion 5000 2-in-1 is the best of both worlds

by Philip Sellers

Anker makes a lot of my favorite accessories. I recently picked up a Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 2-in-1 charger.  It is both a dual-port USB wall charger and a portable battery.

Ever since I lost the power cable to my first Anker was a dual-port charger (making it a useless paperweight), I have found myself favoring models that use standard cables.  The integrated AC plug makes it is even better since I have nothing to lose.  I don’t need a separate charger or USB port to charge the battery, however, if I needed to charge it from my laptop, there is a micro-USB input, so you have your choice.

This month, I have a lot of travel planned and this PowerCore Fusion is the perfect travel accessory.  Sometimes, it’s hard to find available AC plugs in many hotels.  There’s usually one next to the bed, but as I have more and more devices to charge (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, laptop or two) and then add more if I’m traveling with family.   I’ve traveled with a Belkin mini-surge protector for the same reason, but many times, I don’t need it anymore with this new Anker battery.  For days when I have more than usual iPhone use or when I have less than great cellular coverage,

In terms of using the battery, I find the weight to be a really good balance – both poweful and not too heavy.  It can provide a couple full charges on my iPhone and a really great boost on the iPad.

Speaking of double duty, I also picked up an Anker 6-port USB charger for the office to give me ample power ports – high powered ports – to keep any and all of my devices (and my co-workers) charged up.  It has a two-prong power cord and with 6′ of length, it can easily route down and to the nearest wall plug.

This works exceptionally well at my work desk – to charge the iPhone, occasionally an iPad, my AirPods and anything else that needs USB power.  I personally hate to plug in my devices to charge on my USB ports for my work laptop – since a phone could bridge and cause network issues for me.  I also keep my laptop up high on a shelf which means those USB lines would be hanging down.

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