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by Aaron Gruber

Hello, my name is Aaron Gruber. I am a first time blogger on the site and excited to share my knowledge and experiences with my fellow colleges. I am a Systems Administrator for Array Services Group in Sartell, MN. I have experiences in a variety of Microsoft products (AD, Exchange, SQL, etc…) but my main focus is data center infrastructure. I am responsible for maintaining 28 VMware vSphere hosts, two EMC VNX SANs, one Compellent SAN, three Cisco UCS blade centers, and about a thousand other things. I have been in the Server Admin role for four years at my current employer, one and a half years as a Systems Admin at an Orthopedic Clinic, and about a year as a Dell PC technician. I am involved with the Minneapolis VMware User Group (VMUG) and its leaders which has provided a wealth of knowledge and contacts.

This year will be my first year going to VMworld and I am very excited to be a part of it. I have heard many stories of meeting interesting people and learning about technology at levels normally never discussed. If anyone has any hints, recommendations, or warnings I would appreciate any feedback. My twitter handle is @virtualroads. Looking forward to seeing you all there and look for my posts about VMworld content.


PS: constructive criticism welcome




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