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Inspired by VMworld 2010 Europe – 2011 : the year of the vConference?

by Roger Lund

VMworld 2010 Europe has fired off this week. I find my self, not attending again for this event.

And without John Troyer giving me a blogging pass in to VMworld 2010  , I would not have made attendance either. Thanks again John, and VMware!

However, I find my self wondering, at what point VMworld, or like conferences will be turning the event into a vConference.

What do I mean by vConverence? Online? No, in the sense of being online only, but online,as in the presence, or people, and interaction. What do I mean? Well imagine if each vendor that had a booth was responsible to provide web enabled camera’s that cover their booths. That when they gave presentations ,  they had camera’s to cover the presentations. That this tied into the Virtual Exhibitor Hall. What if for the Virtual Pavilion had camera’s, and that the session’s had camera feeds, for online attendee’s? What about having area’s for discussion, that have video feed’s. Places people could go in between sessions, or even after hours to discuss. What about having multiple discussion rooms dedicated for VMUG leader’s, and member’s that couldn’t make it.

What would it mean? what would it prove? wouldn’t it be a lot of work? It would show that we can move beyond physical constraints, that people unable attend, could, and possibly could interact. I am not saying it would’t be a chore, and that it would all come together at once. But I think it would allow the community that twitter has fed, to grow into more.

I also think it would allow discussion to blossom into great content, and because of the huge amount of information at these sessions at conferences, some of the great info and or idea’s that is generated is lost, as you attend a new session. 

Picture this, as you walk into a session, you log into the Website, see a video feed of the session, and are able to login to chat, using twitter or facebook login’s. You could then chat live, with the people in the room, or people watching on line. Below the chat is a forum dedicated to the session,   allowing for non disruptive discussion. Then a VMware mod could either ask questions, or respond  later.

Direct video and audio interaction via the VIrutal Exhibitor Hall would allow vendor’s to get a idea of the buzz they are generating, and allow them to generate buzz. 

Now, there is the cost factor, there may need to be fee’s or something to cover this. I am just brain storming here. I just think this could all fit into the world that Twitter, and other online services are developing. Heck, it could even fit in with The evolution of the LAB.

Speaking of that idea, think how a on demand lab could be used by vConference attendees, for each vendor that attends a conference like VMworld, and how it would allow people attending a vConference to interface with a product, not just see it.

Just brainstorming.


Anyone else care to bring more idea’s to the table?

Roger L.

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