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Introducing a new blog : http://www.vbrainstorm.com/

by Roger Lund

Hey all!

Today I launch a new website, one focused on Brainstorming; I wanted to blog more on thoughts, idea’s, reactions etc. These are going to be based on and around IT and Virutalization as a whole.

http://www.vbrainstorm.com/ is going to allow me to put out more random, short blogs to my viewer’s, on thoughts and views, on technology around IT and virtualization, while keeping my main page focused on larger posts. You’ll see http://www.vbrainstorm.com/ evolve as it matures, and as I find way’s to get idea’s , share idea’s, and get your idea’s all in one place.

I have made adjustments to the comment system, to help users comment easier. I am also looking for a way to white board and share idea’s so keep a eye on the blog for things like that.

I am also looking for anyone willing to produce content based on thoughts, and or views on or around IT and or Virtualization.

Hit me up at [email protected] or rogerlund via twitter.

Roger L.

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