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My call with Vmware Support

by Roger Lund

We paid for Vmware support and I had an event. Nothing big but what the heck we paid for support. I created a ticket through the support portal and got a call back the same day. I talked with the tech and decided to postpone the call until the following week since it was Friday and it was nothing big. The next week the tech called me when he had promised. He remote desk-toped in and we setup a putty session. I watched him use the following commands. Some are basic but some are new it me.

cd etc
less hosts
cd var
less hostd.log
ps -ef | grep hostd
ps -ef | grep vpxa
config.xml -u
service vmware status
cat vmkernel
vdf -h
vmware -v
view vmkernel
ps -lf -C cimserver

I hope these commands are helpful.

Ben T.

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