NetApp 3140 & 2040 Volume and Agg Space Savings via Deduplication

Sorry that I have not had time to write much, but I wanted to share some of our Deduplication results.

We have a 2040 that was recently put into use for DR, and I set up some testing on it.

Here are the results of the Deduplication on those volumes, which are mostly VM’s , and office document type files that I used to snap drive, and SQL performance testing.

EDIT: this is all FC connected disk, no NFS or iSCSI.

EDIT: added the above post with top 20 from my 3140 with space saved.

Here are a couple of different dates, of my 3140. This has a mix of VMware, and PACS imaging, SQL etc.

I think that it shows that dedupe does work, and it also changes as time go’s on. Remember the newer dates are on top.

Here is a total per agg Current, then back in OCT.

Hope it is worth looking at!

Roger L.

Written by Roger Lund

VMware and Storage crazy man, vExpert, MN VMUG leader