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New Community Zenoss Tray Applet

by Roger Lund

The Zenoss Blog has a interesting article, New Community Zenoss Tray Applet

Zenossian Nathaniel McCallum has written a new tray applet for monitoring Zenoss installations remotely. It sits in your desktop tray and shows the current count of events and the highest severity. From there you can view event details, acknowledge them, add notes and send them to history. It can also be used to monitor multiple Zenoss installations. It is currently only tested on Linux, but porting it to other platforms should be fairly straightforward since it’s GTK and support exists for Windows, OSX and other platforms. Eventually it should be ported to more platforms, add more features like alert sounds and whatever the community can come up with. More developers are encouraged to pitch in, this is already a very handy applet!

Thanks Nathaniel!

I can’t wait to try this out.

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