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Nutanix CE – Setup DVS Port Group, Change vlans

by Roger Lund

I wanted to be able to have a trucked connection in my VMware DVS for my New Nutanix Lab. See this Post http://vbrainstorm.com/nutanix-cluster-create-cli/


I setup a dvs port group for my nested Nutanix lab. Titled All.


Name All
Port binding Static binding
Port allocation Elastic
Number of ports 8
Network resource pool (default)


I set it up as vlan trunking.


Type VLAN trunking
VLAN trunk range 0-4094


I had to enable all the security features as follows.


Promiscuous mode Accept
MAC address changes Accept
Forged transmits Accept


next, even although I had followed this guide, since I’m using vlan trunking, I needed to assign vlans within the host and vcm.

open console on the host, login as root and type in the following:

  • #ovs-vsctl set port br0 tag=idhere

then you need to connect to the cvm that is running on that host and configure it as well.

login with cvm defaults.

  • #change_cvm_vlan idhere

I used vlan 70.


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