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OnBase 8.2.0 and Virtual Environments

by Roger Lund


I discussed VMware and Onbase 8.2 with Hyland software, they sent me a client guide with the following statement.


About Virtual Environments
OnBase is designed to work on the Microsoft Windows operating system. When OnBase is
operated in a virtual environment (such as Citrix, VMWare or Windows Terminal Server),
there are limitations imposed by the environment, in addition to potentially subtle
environmental differences. The Hyland Software QA Department runs testing on physical
hardware and virtual environments. Hyland Software depends upon the suppliers of these
virtual environments to validate that their software is equivalent to a physical machine. When
it appears that an OnBase performance-related issue is either caused by, or is unique to, the
virtual environment, organizations that have deployed an OnBase solution in a virtual
environment may be asked to validate that the performance issue occurs in a non-virtual
environment, to facilitate troubleshooting. Since virtual environments utilize memory and
other components of the operating system differently than non-virtual environments,
removing the virtual component can facilitate a more rapid resolution.
Hyland Software strongly recommends that any customer desiring to run an OnBase solution
in one of these virtual environments thoroughly test the solution prior to putting it into
production, as each site has unique environmental considerations.
For information about using OnBase in a Citrix and Terminal Server environment, see the
OnBase in a Citrix and Terminal Server Environment reference guide, available from your
service provider.

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All rights reserved.


Thanks to Hyland for the information.


I plan to move forward with my Onbase VMware Migration.

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