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Resign your Virtual Network, with Cisco 1000V and VSG

by Roger Lund

Not long ago, I wrote on designing a VMware Environment for a lab. See A Secure budget VMware LAB Environment – Step one – Design

Well, today I am going to show glimpse of another method of using your existing VMware environment, to build out multiple Network’s, while using the same pre existing VMware environment.

This will be using the Cisco 1000v , and Cisco VSG product line. These , you will see me write up on at a later date, on my other blog.

Here are some advantages I came up with over the previous design,  or just about any physically segmented data center.

Nexus 1000v & VSG technology advantages:

  • Allows virtual zone/role based access control, and resource allocation to define multiple networks/environments within a shared VMware Environment.
  • Provides industry standard compliance, and simplified network management & operations within a virtual environment.
  • Provides HA and Standard VMware features without the additional costs of a physically separated Environment.
  • Enables Virtual Service Datapath (vPath), Network Analysis Module (NAM), Virtual Application Acceleration (vWAAS)

I would love some feedback, both from a design side, and presentation side.

Roger L

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