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Set Service Console Memory (Updated)

by Roger Lund

Jonathan Marrott’s VM Scripting Blog has a interesting post titled: Set Service Console Memory (Updated) ( http://communities.vmware.com/blogs/froboy/2008/01/18/set-service-console-memory-updated )

The service console memory should be increased if you are running apps other than the default install. This includes management agents, backups, etc. Here is a simple command that I ran across to accomplish this. It requires a reboot to take effect. I incorporate this in my kickstart script. Don’t forget to set your swap partition to be 2x the Service Console memory.

I came across this when I was searching for service console and I thought it was worth blogging, as I plan to use HP agents in the future. Will I need to increase the default settings? Who knows, but I thought it was good to know the commands. See http://communities.vmware.com/blogs/froboy/2008/01/18/set-service-console-memory-updated for the full commands.

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