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Setting clients to Reboot at 12:15 A.M

by Roger Lund


Some of our client devices have a need to do a daily reboot, and I didn’t feel like manly setting up a scheduled task on each device. I needed something I could run via login script or USB stick, that only takes a couple of seconds of time per device.

Therefore, with some help from the Internet I developed the following.


schtasks.exe /create /RU SYSTEM /SC DAILY /TN Reboot /st 00:15:00 /TR "shutdown -r -f -t 60"

Copy the above line and paste it into notepad, or your text editor of choice, and save it as a .bat file.

This will set the device you run this on, to make a new scheduled task, which is daily reboot at 12:15 , which is run as system, with a 60 sec count down.  Admin rights are required to create this task.

Run it once per PC you want to reboot .



I hope someone can find this useful.

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