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Somtimes Monday’s look good

by Roger Lund

I saw this on the VMware communities, and had to link it, as it mirror’s my testing frustration at times.

Friday Morning Experiments

There is one thing I have learned as a new network administrator. Don’t ever, and I mean ever just ‘try’ something out on a Friday. be the anti-Nike, just don’t do it. You might have something in mind you might want to try out, change or reconfigure to give yourself something to do. But I plead, don’t do it.

Last Friday, I am feeling good about the state of the system and I decide to move a couple of new users to the Exch2007 machine. Do some load testing, and general ironing. I find my subjects, who don’t use OWA or calendars much (makes my life easier) and decide to scoot the mailboxes from Exch2003 to 2007. This is at 8:15 in the morning.

I told the user not to open Outlook till I call them back, hit the move butt and it took all of 5 minutes and from my end everything seemed fine. Called the user back and told them to open Outlook. I was about to hang out and I heard… “oh wait….there is an error”. Crap. “Okay,

Well crap. I wasn’t expecting this, since I had moved a handful of other people to the Exch2007 server with out a hitch

2:00 and a user still has no email

I thought this blog hit home, as I always run into funky error’s like these.

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