vExpert VMware Awards handed out.

I see that VMware has handed out some vExpert awards in the last 24 hours. Here are a few people I see have announced they have received them. ( unofficial ) Some I am unaware of their full name, so I posted twitter names.

Charles S Edge



Ruben Spruijt

Hugo Peeters




Joep Piscaer

Tarry Singh

Jose Maria Gonzalez

Geert Baeke

Jason Langone

Rynardt Spies


Edwin Friesen

Alan Renouf

David Siles

Scott Lowe

Cody Bunch

Jason Boche




Rodney Haywood

Eric Sloof

Eric Siebert



Rick Scherer

Steve Beaver




Mike La Spina


Vaughn Stewart

Van Van Noy

Will Johnson


Brian Knudtson



Ken Cline

Gerben has a post on this as well, with some more names

I am sure I missed some, and if I have anyone on the list that should not be, I am sorry, let me know and I will take you off.

For the record, I did not get a award, and I did not expect to get one. I was a great year, but I did not start the blog until Nov, and since VMware is just one job I do here out of many, I do not have the time to dedicate each and every day to it and blogging on it. It is one of the reasons my blog is for more than just VMware and or Virtualization.

EDIT: I wanted to make it clear that I still play on Supporting VMware and like platform’s in Virtualization, I still plan on starting a Virtualization video / audio podcast, and a local user group. Please contact me [email protected] if you are interested in either.

Additionally, I did notice that my blog is no longer on VMware’s Planet V 12. I did not orginally request to be added to this, but I never complained either. I believe I could have been put on after attending the Minneapolis VMUG, and announcing the vSphere previously codenamed VI4. I have yet to hear from John on this, it could be a seperate issiue.

Written by Roger Lund

VMware and Storage crazy man, vExpert, MN VMUG leader