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VMworld 2015 – Day 0 (Shawn’s Perspective)

by Shawn Cannon

Sunday is what I always call Day 0 as the actual conference starts on Monday.  Here is my perspective on Sunday. I used Sunday as a networking day, a day to meet up with friends and peers in the industry.  One of the most fun ways to catch up is an event called V0dgeball!  This is a fun dodgeball tournament that raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  I played on the vExpert team this year and our team made it to the semifinals.  It is an amazingly fun time killing your peers with dodgeballs and they will still be your friend later. 

After V0dgeball I headed over to the Solutions Exchange to catch the first view of all the vendors at VMworld this year.  I visited all the booths where I have developed friendships so I could catch up.  Of course there were some vExpert gifts to go grab so I made sure I did that.

I left the Solutions Exchange to head to a special dinner held by Commvault, of our our sponsors for VMworld this year.  I spent about an hour there meeting and chatting with Commvault executives and Commvault customers.  I do my best to spend time discussing non-IT or non-technical things on purpose to get to know people outside of their companies.  It was a great time! Thanks for thee invite Leo!

Finally, Day 0 would not be complete without atttending #VMunderground.  This event was made possible by many sponsors, EMC Elect and Infinio to name just a few.  This is the biggest networking event of the evening in my personal opinion.  I got to see all my friends and colleagues again to catch up.  This is by far one of my favorite events of VMworld.

Day 0 was amazing and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week holds!

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