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Adding Mozy Home to an additional Mac

by Philip Sellers

I purchased and installed Mozy Home on my MacBook Pro in addition to the iMac at home.  One thing different for the initial backup this time around is my upstream connection.  I’m currently using an outside connection from work which a screaming fast upstream and I can tell you, Mozy is cruising along much better this go round.  I started at about 9am this morning and my backup has completed almost 20% of 30GB.  Not bad, not bad.

Surprisingly, though, I had much better performance at home on the upstream, also, over the weekend.  Although not nearly as fast as at work, my home connection and the Mozy client was preparing and streaming content constantly without the interruptions in between as new data was prepared.  It seemed to be a fluid process this go around, so I’m not sure what may have changed in the software or in the backend to have improved the process, but it was greatly improved.

So, just another quick update.  The incremental updates from Mozy at home when I have added new photos to the iPhoto library and other incremental changes have been very smooth and quick to pick up.  There is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel once your initial backup completes.

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