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Cheap Network Storage Solution?

by Roger Lund


I was reading http://blog.fosketts.net/ ‘s article on Iomega and how EMC has thrown them a life line

I saw them talk about Iomega’s ix2, and how it was HCL certified. ( http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?action=search&deviceCategory=san&productId=1&keyBasic=iomega&maxDisplayRows=50&key=&release[]=-1&datePosted=-1 )


I thought this was interesting, as it indicates that you could get a very low cost VMware supported NAS device for under $500.

Partner Name Model Array Type Supported Releases

EMC      Iomega ix2      NAS            ESX 3.5 U3, ESX 3.5 U2, ESX 3.5 U1, ESX 3.5


From VMware’s HCL.

Here is EMC’s Press Release on the device.



I Would love to hear if anyone has tried this device on ESX or ESXi, and what type of results they have gotten.


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