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Citrix on VMware, 1vCPU or 2vCPU ?

by Roger Lund

Virtu-Al wrote a write up on Citrix on VMware, 1vCPU or 2vCPU ?

Following my previous Citrix testing on VMware I thought it best to try a dual vCPU VM to see if I can get double the users of a single vCPU, sounds logically sensible to me !

So just a reminder that a single vCPU with 25 users ran at around 73% average, a nice figure to run at giving plenty of CPU for peaks and troughs.

This test of a dual vCPU was undertaken following the sucesfull test of 25 users on one VM with 1 x vCPU this was run as a baseline to see how it relates to the single vCPU VM.

This is a interesting look at Citrix on VMware, A must read.

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