CXI’s Ask the vExpert’s Call For Questions! (Please submit questions you’d like asked of the Experts!)


I have offered to assist as needed, ( one guy can only do so much) , I am willing to ask question’s on behalf, and will have video / camera eq on site. I have a quest for knowledge my self, and love to help in turn.


“Ask the vExpert’s Call For Questions! (Please submit questions you’d like asked of the Experts!)

by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Next week is VMworld 2010 in San Francisco! (oh my!)   Yes that is indeed correct! And as part of a community service (and because I want to do it, damnit!)

I’m going to go around and find as many vExperts (and other experts as applicable) and ask them questions! Your Questions! (My questions) so on and so forth!

I’m not looking to go into a single half hour diatribe response from each person on each question.. but I know there are some hard hitting good questions you have for the vExperts out there, as well as some ridiculous questions you may have … And I’m going to get it all on Video (and sum up all of the responses in txt form as well as applicable when I ask recurring/repeating questions to multiple vExperts)

The vExpert community is filled with some absolute champions of industry – I typically reference thisVMware vExpert 2010 Directory as it seems to be the most complete compared to the other instances I can find out there. 

So, please provide the types of questions you’d like to get answered! And if there are specific questions you want asked of specific vExperts (or VMware folks who are not vExperts) or perhaps even if you want me to convince them to sing a song or do some karaoke.. You just say the word… and as a champion vExpert myself I shall tackle this!

Special.. if you want me to ask the SPOUSES of vExperts questions as well (which may help your own spouselife know what the life of vExpert Wives is like… that too ;))

See you at VMworld!”

You can either comment,  or e-mail me at [email protected] , i’ll make sure CXI get’s a copy of the question / questions.

And please, this is CXI’s idea, I am just offering to help. ( I love good idea’s )



Roger L

Written by Roger Lund

VMware and Storage crazy man, vExpert, MN VMUG leader