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VMworld 2010 – Xangati Pre release, Xangati Achieves 10 Industry Firsts

by Roger Lund

I found my self talking with Xangati today, and I was told I can release this information. I am looking forward to seeing this product in action at a later date.

“Xangati, the emerging leader in infrastructure performance management, today introduced a new and completely free Xangati for ESX management tool, giving virtualization administrators unprecedented situational awareness into the dynamic environment they are responsible for managing – at absolutely no cost. In addition, Xangati concurrently announced sweeping product enhancements across the Xangati Management Dashboard line, while achieving 10 industry firsts in the process (see related release).

The two announcements further solidify Xangati’s position as an innovator to watch in the IPM market, providing administrators with the most comprehensive solution available today for managing their entire virtualized infrastructures, as well as a 100% free mechanism for trial. To get started and see for yourself, download Xangati for ESX free-of-charge

Xangati for ESX: Features and Functionality

Xangati for ESX is the most fully-featured free VMware tool available today, giving virtualization administrators the ability to actually solve problems in real-time for both server virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments. Providing ESX host level visibility, Xangati for ESX offers an unparalleled user interface (UI) presentation with live, continuous “scroll bar” views, DVR recordings and reports – surpassing all other free solutions in terms of its sheer usability. Xangati for ESX expands the number of data sources typically covered and includes breakthrough functionality not found in other free offerings. Features include:

  • multiple data sources, including: traffic traversing vSwitches and VMware API;

  • optimized for visibility and troubleshooting;

  • superior UI with live navigational drill-down and streaming views with full details for VMs and the ESX;

  • DVR recordings triggered by VMware alerts; and,

  • 20+ top 10 real-time views.

With a rich feature set available right after install, Xangati leads the market in terms of the turnkey nature of the download and the immediacy of the value it provides. Xangati for ESX installs as an .OVF virtual appliance in less than 10 minutes, giving administrators a much smoother installation process than many of the other free options on the market today, which require pre-existing operating systems be set-up for install.


I will post a full link once they have the info on the website.

I am glad to see more companies offering a free product, and expanding existing product lines like this.

I am looking forward to many more product announcements for the up coming VMworld.


Thanks to Xangati for this information.


Roger L.

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