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VMworld 2015 Sponsor – SolidFire

by Shawn Cannon

This is the first post to call out some sponsors of vBrainstorm for VMworld 2015 in San Francisco! Say hello to SolidFire!  If you do not know who SolidFire is… where have you been??  SolidFire is the All-Flash Array for the Next-Generation Data Center!  Their solution delivers the five core elements needed for storage agility in today’s data centers:  Scale-Out, Guaranteed Performance, Automated Management, Data Assurance and Global Efficiencies.  I suggest you make time to visit the SolidFire booth at VMworld, which is booth 929.  What does SolidFire have in store for you at VMworld?  Well I have to mention their main giveaway!  SolidFire is giving away a SolidFire bike!  This thing is a very cool retro looking bike in SolidFire red!  There are many sessions that SolidFire will be in and don’t forget about the SolidFire party at the ThirstyBear!  Check out all the details at http://www.solidfire.com/vmworld.

Thank you SolidFire for sponsoring us!  Look for myself (rolltidega), Roger (rogerlund) and Aaron (virtualroads) in these cool shirts shown below around VMworld.  If you need help finding SolidFire on the show floor we will be happy to help you find them!


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