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Dell Equallogic PS5000E iSCSI Array

by Roger Lund

We have been looking at the Dell Equallogic PS5000E iSCSI Array as our in house San solution.

Here is some product information and video’s I have gathered.

Dell EqualLogic PS5000E Spec Sheet

Dell EqualLogic PS Series Brochure

Dell EqualLogic PS Series Guidebook

Dell EqualLogic Architecture Whitepaper

Dell EqualLogic PS Series Quick Reference

Core Product Demo

VMware Demo

Microsoft SQL Demo

What I like about the solution for Equallogic, is that when you buy the hardware, you also buy all of the software at once.

Meaning, that all of the software like,

  • Auto-Snapshot Manager/Microsoft Edition2
  • Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition3
  • Automatic MPIO Connection Management
  • Microsoft VSS and VDS Providers
  • Smart Copy for Microsoft® Exchange® , SQL Server® ,Windows® File Systems and VMware® VMFS
  • VMware® Site Recovery Manager Adapter”

is included, without any licensing costs.

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