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Hyperic HQ 4.0 Released!

by Roger Lund

Hyperic HQ 4.0 is released, and with the new features and promises, I’m going to download it right now, and give it a try.

New Capacity Planning and Application Management Features

A new capacity planning function automatically analyzes historical application and system performance and projects the future resource trends of any given management metric. This function allows users to quickly assess and predict future trends, and proactively manage capacity needs.

A new server communication design allows agents monitoring external resources to always initiate communication with the HQ Server in order to meet to security protocols and operate across firewalls. Despite the uni-directional communication, the agent still maintains a full range of capabilities including the ability to update and run diagnostics remotely, and issue corrective control actions such as a service restart or running garbage collection to free memory.

Additional Hyperic HQ 4.0 features include:

* New User Interface enhances usability and reduces the number of clicks to gain meaningful insight.
* Enterprise Dashboard portlets include a chart slideshow for key metric tracking and traffic light indicators for group availability and alerts.
* Automated agent upgrades eliminate manual agent update process.
* Script actions for alerts give users the power to automate actions based on HQ environment variables.
* Search enhancements allow users to search resources by name, group, availability and ownership.
* Downtime scheduling allow availability SLAs to take into account maintenance windows.
* JMX MBean query drills down into MBeans to review attributes and invoke operations.
* New HQ API with well documented, performant set of core operations for custom development.
* Plugin updates for Citrix XenServer, Exchange 2007, IBM MQ, VMware 3i/3.5, Zimbra 5.

It also looks to support the Amazon cloud!

is the main info page.

Here is a link to the data sheet

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