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Dell Storage Forum 2011 -Equallogic 101

by Roger Lund

The Dell Equallogic line has be a increasingly popular Storage Platform. I wanted to do up a prep for those of you new to Equallogic, to give you a starting point; both if your attending Dell Storage Forum 2011, or just exploring Storage options. Equallogic Storage is all iSCSI based. Dell has a large area with lots of Resource, Here

The below image is from dell.com, and it is copy righted by Dell.

To start, take a look at the PS Seriries Overview Here Gives you a idea of the capabilities.

Some of those are as follows:

Peer technology, allowing ease of management
Auto Provisioning , self managing storage.
Simple San to San Tiering, and replication.
Snap shot technologies, both VMware / Hyper-v and Microsoft Application VSS.
VMware SRM compatibility.

There are a large number of different array’s to choose from today. If we look at them Here we can get a idea of some of the differences.

I’ll outline a few differences at a high level.

All units have two controllers.

If we start at the PS4000 series, we are looking at two gig interfaces , with a varied amount of total drive capacity. The configurations varie on maximum number of drives, and drive technologies , from SATA , SAS, or SSD.

The PS600x Series offers larger drive configurations and four gig connections per unit.

Next the 601x series, have two gig connections and like the above, but additionally have two 10GB iSCSI ports.

The beautiful thing about the over all solution is the software, and how the different storage model’s all work together. A total of 16 Array’s can be in one service group, including two PS4000 series array’s.

A little birdie told me that all of the software features, I talked about above, like VSS snaps, and replication are included with the hardware cost. ^^

Before to check out the Demo’s of the product , Here

I hope this overview gives those of new to Equallogic a new enlightenment in to one of Dell’s strongest product offerings.

I am trying this from my Ipad, so any feedback is welcome.

Roger Lund
– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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