Dell Storage Forum – My Tweet, storageswiss write up – EqualLogic vs. Compellent – Where is the Line?

I asked the Hard Question during the Keynotes Q&A on Monday “If your a dell partner, where is the equallogic and compellet line drawn? #dellsf11” Below is a cut from storageswiss story, please check out of the full story.

“The first question that boiled up was tweeted by @rogerlund. I’ve been a fan of Roger’s blog for a while and I thought his question got right to the heart of the matter; “What is the line between EqualLogic vs. Compellent?” In other words when do you buy a Compellent Storage System and when do you buy a EqualLogic? There were of course the quick responses of a few of Dell’s competitors of “don’t buy either” but I thought the question certainly had merit and I was curious to see the executive teams response.

The response from the Dell Storage executives was what you would have expected, “it depends”, although I expected it to be a little sharper since they had to know that question was coming. Let’s face it, these two products overlap. EqualLogic has some very large installations and Compellent has been successful in the small to medium market. Trying to pigeonhole either product does neither product any good. Different people need to accomplish different things and are going to be attracted to different kinds of solutions.

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Written by Roger Lund

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