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ESXi 3.5 U3 on USB Key

by Roger Lund

Yellow bricks posted a great blog on making a bootable usb of ESXi.

I took the latest version of ESXi 3.5 U3, and applied it to the post, and it worked great.

Seems to take about 800 MB of space.

I then applied it to a HP DC7800P desktop, and it booted great!

Then I found that the built in network card did not detect, so I tossed in two 3com 3c905b cards, and boom!, network connectivity, ( althrough ESXi see’s them as disconnected), it tests fine.

I then went into configuration and storage adapters, and saw that it detected the ICH9 controller, but no drives.

I found that I had to format the drives to fat32, and then it saw the drive, and I formatted it it to a datastore and it works!

I would recommend this configuration for a cheap none supported test box.

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