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Exchange on VMware Infrastructure: podcast, webinar, white papers

by Roger Lund

The VMTN Blog has a blog entry titled Exchange on VMware Infrastructure: podcast, webinar, white papers

Since we will be implementing a exchange solution under VMware in the future, this caught my eye.


A common question that comes up with our customers is, "Can I put Microsoft Exchange 2007 on VMware Infrastructure?" And the answer is "You betcha!"

We eat our own dogfood here at VMware.* See this new-ish white paper: Deploying Exchange Server 2007 on VMware Infrastructure: A VMware Internal Case Study

Join us this Wednesday, Jan 14, for another round of the VMware Communities Roundtable podcast, where a panel of experienced VMware admins come together for a weekly session — usually informative, sometimes funny, occasionally abrasive, never scripted. We have an increasing number of live listeners and chatters from all around the world. If Rod can set the alarm to get up from Australia, and Tom can call in from his hotel room in the UK, you have no excuse for not taking a break from work, so just drop by and say hi.

What: VCR #31. Virtualizing Exchange, Domino, and RIM
When: Wednesday, noon PST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT, and Thursday 7am in Sydney.
VMware Communities Roundtable on Talkshoe.

And if that piques your interest for more, join VMware experts on this webinar the next day, Jan 15: Exchange 2007 on VMware: Technical Case Study. This should be a good one. The webinar does require registration, but I can’t imagine you’re not already getting our email, and you can always opt out.

And finally, here’s a page of case studies and technical resources about VMware as the best platform for Microsoft Exchange. And yes, Microsoft Exchange 2007 on VMware is a supported configuration.

I hope to be able to attend this up coming,  VMware Communities Roundtable.

But remember, they are also recorded, so if you miss it make sure to check it out at a later date, I even have a player on my Blog.



Thanks to VMware for the content.


Full Post http://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2009/01/exchange-on-vmware-infrastructure-podcast-webinar-white-papers.html

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