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What Apple could learn from webOS

by Philip Sellers

Engadet has a great article about what Apple could learn from the Palm webOS. Engadget pretty much hits the nail on the head. For all iPhone users, reading this or even watching the Palm presentation from CES should make you realize that the iPhone isn’t complete. There is still some growing and changing left to be accomplished for the product and that’s a great thing. Check out the article at Engadget’s website.

Did Engadget miss anything? Really, only one thing that I can think of. It is a combination of the synergy contacts and IM points. The feature that I really loved about the webOS was the ability to change contexts of conversations between text and chat and keep the entire conversation thread going in a central location. Its a feature Google has recently integrated into their Google chat application. You are able to switch between chatting and texting a contact in the same window. That’s a very cool, and doable feature for the iPhone. Plus, I’d love to be able to have my iChat on the iPhone, with Google Talk and AIM support…

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