iDevices switches are fantastic Homekit smart home devices

The Smart Home The DIY smart home has arrived.  Just take a look at the shelves of products in big box stores.  The ability to control things by voice, by location and by schedule is a wonderful convenience.  I really love the fact that I can set geofence zones that control settings.  The geofence can […]

Building a Digital Movie Library from DVD to Digital to All Platforms

  I have hit an inflection point again in my life.  Just like with my music library, I’ve switched from a preference of physical DVD’s to digital formats as my preferred way of buying movies.  Unlike with my music library, there is no easy way to convert my physical library into a digital one – […]

iCloud Family Sharing for storage is available now with iOS 11

A few months back, I wrote about my decision to upgrade iCloud storage, upload my entire photo library and the newly announced family sharing feature for iCloud storage.  With the launch of iOS 11 this week, the family sharing for storage is now available.  Setup is simple – Apple has a great document that walks […]

Apple makes it hard not to adopt iCloud storage

On Monday, Apple announced that it was doubling the capacity of its $9.99 per month iCloud Storage Plan to 2TB in storage.  Apple also announced that it would be allowing families to share this data amongst family members with the introduction of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra later this fall.  Both are pleasant pieces […]

Upgrading to Ubiquiti’s EdgeRouter X SFP

New house.  New city.  New ISP.  New router.  This time I opted for the big brother of the EdgeRouter Lite, the EdgeRouter X SFP model.  While it includes all of the goodness that I previously reviewed with the EdgeRouter, including the Vyatta based OS, the X SFP model includes some additional hardware capabilities. Why a […]

Apple shows off preview of new Education features, Enterprise can hope…

Apple posted a new preview page for Education on its website yesterday showing off several features to help IT administrators configure and deploy iPads for education more easily.  The features included a special Classroom app, a special School Manager portal, managed Apple ID accounts and shared iPad features.  The School Manager portal and the shared […]

Put your iPhone into motion with Galileo, possibilites are endless

I recently stumbled across a device that I want – like “must go out and buy this today” want it.  It’s called Galileo and its a hardware accessory for Apple iOS devices which allows you to remote control an iPod Touch or iPhone from another place, with pan and tilt capabilities.  It is the perfect […]

Decyphering Apple chat and messaging choices for Mac and iOS.

Apple has made a name for itself by inventing solutions with slick and well thought out interfaces that are easy to understand and use.  It has also made a name for itself as an innovator, creating new technology after new technology.  Most times, Apple has had a very focused strategy when it comes to solving […]