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Put your iPhone into motion with Galileo, possibilites are endless

by Philip Sellers

I recently stumbled across a device that I want – like “must go out and buy this today” want it.  It’s called Galileo and its a hardware accessory for Apple iOS devices which allows you to remote control an iPod Touch or iPhone from another place, with pan and tilt capabilities.  It is the perfect solution for attending a virtual meeting and puts the remote user in the driver’s seat, allowing them to rotate the iPhone or iPod Touch around to see who is speaking just like if they were in the room.  Not only that, but it could have lots of unimagined uses for cinematography, photography, shooting video or photos at live concerts, even stop motion with movement.

Talk about a Kickstarter success story…  The company behind this idea, Motrr, started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to make the devices.  It goes to show if you present a great idea to the masses, that they will reach into their wallet and support the idea.  Take a look at this video which explains the device and the many ways they think it could be used.  I expect developers will come up with more applications.

It’s funny to find this too, since I had just had a similar idea pitched to me by my chiropractor during a recent visit.  He had joined a regional meeting remotely and said it worked great except that he wished he could have moved the iPhone at the meeting around to see who was talking and so that they could see him.  Sure, that sort of tech has existed for a long time — I saw a solution in action with a manufacturing plant between their South Carolina and Japanese offices in the 90’s.  But to take and use a device that many people already own and carry with them is a pretty amazing feat.

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