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How my iPhone has ruined me

by Philip Sellers

Wrote this musing a little while ago – thought today was an appropriate day to post it… to celebrate the launch of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c.

My iPhone has ruined me.  There, I said it.  Yes, that hurts coming from a fan-boy, but its true.  The iPhone has made me a creature incapable of waiting.  It answers my every question and lets me do what I want no matter where I am – in the car, waiting room or water-closet.  If we’re in a heated lunch discussion of which actor played who in what, I can’t keep myself from IMDB’ing the answer.


You see, the iPhone is too good at its job.  But by being so good, it has made me more impatient about everything.  I make fun of my wife and her habits – Twitter, Facebook and Vine – but incessantly checking those for updates is no match for my inability to wait.  I want things now… I SAID NOW… {queue the 2 year old temper tantrum}.

We’ve become an incredibly connected world – at least superficially.  Social networks let us communicate in ways previously unknown.  It allows average Joes like myself to suddenly have a voice where others listen.  But because of our always-on, instant gratification electronic slabs, we’re less patient and capable of waiting for life to unfold around us.

Seeing things through a father’s eyes, I’m struck by how my six year old is mimicking my own behaviors since she got an iPod last Christmas.  It’s humbling.  #1 – must have iDevice attached or melt-down, #2 must get what I want on it when I want or melt-down.  And sadly, we’re both that way at times.  But there is nothing better than children to illustrate why I, myself, must change.

Sadly, I know that a new iPhone will be announced today and I’ll no longer have their newest and sleekest device yet once its released.  But, at the same time, I’m under contract and I’m going to have to delay a purchase.  My iPad will be 3 generations old if new ones come out this month or next, too.  No contract there, but I think as a personal goal, I’m going to have to delay a purchase – at least for a while.

For all of its amazing qualities, sadly, I do think my iPhone has made me less patient.  It certainly helps and I can’t imagine giving it up, but with all it provides, I have to wonder if I’m a better person for it.  Surely all this can’t be blamed on the iPhone, but I definitely feel like its been one of the biggest factors in this change over the past 6 years…  I’d love to hear your thoughts too…

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