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Happy Birthday and Thanks to John Mark Troyer

by Roger Lund


John Mark Troyer, has a Birthday. Happy Birthday John! I also wanted to take the time to thank John for all the work and personal time he has put into the Blog sphere. In case your don’t know John, Below are a couple links of who he is.

John Mark Troyer 




I wanted to thank John for taking the time to give a darn about us bloggers that have spent their own time and finger tips, blogging about VMware technology. John has always set a example of good behaver, and honesty for us to shoot for.

He also takes the time to get to know us, read our work, and give us feed back when it comes to marking, or just blog style / writing.

I couldn’t imagine, where I would be today, without John. I want to personally thank him, and tell him to thank his wife, ( for letitng him spend the time) to do what he does, on a daily basis. John, here’s to you! Never doubt that you work has a larger impact than think, for, it does, and I’m here to say to you. Thanks, for both being you, and putting your self into your work, and what you do.



Roger Lund

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