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Tech Field Day 7 – An Fantastic Opportunity!

by Roger Lund


I am honered to be a Delegate for Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day 7 ,


This event focus on Datacenter IT Infrastructure.

“Our Field Day events bring together innovative IT product vendors and independent thought leaders to share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format. Independent bloggers, freelance writers, and podcasters have a public presence that has immense influence on the ways that products and companies are perceived and by the general public”

You can read more about the Tech Field Day Here.

I am looking forward to being one of the delegates. Below is the list of other delegates.


Theron Conrey

Scott Lowe

Roger Lund

Frank Owen

Bob Plankers
The Lone Sysadmin

Fabio Rapposelli
P2V It!

Brandon Riley
virtual insanity

Derek Schauland
Technically Speaking

Matt Simmons
Standalone Sysadmin

Matt Vogt
Virtualization, Storage, Community

Quoted content and images are From http://techfieldday.com/2011/tfd7/ 


Presenters and Schedule

Presenting Sponsors

Thursday, August 11







Friday, August 12





“Tech Field Day web page is being updated as news is released. It’s at http://techfieldday.com/2011/tfd7/ (or http://bit.ly/TFDAUS) and http://techfieldday.com/2011/tfd7-links/ will contain links to our presenters and delegates, as well as news, twitter updates, and more. Take a look now to see the names, blogs, and twitter accounts! There’s also a Twitter list at http://twitter.com/techfieldday/tfd7-delegates.”


Make sure to follow the event on Twitter.

The @TechFieldDay Twitter account and #TechFieldDay Twitter hashtag will be used. They also have a Twitter list of TFD delegates you can follow and reference.

Thanks to both Stephen Fosket and Matt Simmons for this event and to the vendors for their sponsorship. Additionally, thanks for letting me be a delegate, and having a opportunity to participate in this event.

Those that know me, know that I love to talk design, play with technology, and talk about what possible, today, tomorrow, and far future. I believe this event, will be right up my ally. You can guarantee, I will take this chance to take every opportunity to discuss technology in every form I can; even if it means little sleep.

Roger L.


Additionally, the following delegates have written these blogs:

Matt Vogt
Virtualization, Storage, Community

Tech Field Day 7 – Austin, TX

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