Introducing the Next Step in Cloud Infrastructure -VMware vSphere 5.0 and more!

VMware Announced the next step in Cloud Infrastructure.

Starting today: Virtualize any application. Respond to business faster. Trust your cloud.

Leveraging the proven vSphere virtualization technologies, VMware introduces intelligent cloud infrastructure with built-in automation and resource elasticity to free IT from manual processes and enable it to meet business requirements on-demand.

Only VMware lets you achieve the levels of efficiency and agility characterized by the cloud benchmarks without throwing away your existing investments in applications, hardware and knowhow.

New releases include.

Now, I am not going to go and try to link everything out , but I want to put a few of the documents you care about in once place.

VMwarevSphere™ 5.0Licensing, Pricing and Packaging
What’s New in VMwarevSphere™ 5.0 Platform 
Compare vSphere 5.0 Editions
 Entitlement Mapping

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What’s New in vSphere 5 and Heartbeat 6.4 Presentation!




Now, I am still digesting this, so more to come!

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Written by Roger Lund

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